Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Have a Winner!!!!

When you go from the head judge at a fitness competition saying that you didn't know what the hell you were doing up there to him giving you a thumbs up and saying "Good job Conna", you know you've done something right.

Last night was an emotional one for me as I took home the 1st place trophy for Over 40 Figure at the St. Pete Muscle Classic. Something I was not expecting in the least. I was grouped with 7 other remarkable women who were all as fit as any 20 or 30 year old out there. It was tough competition.

When I decided to do another show I had two goals: 1) To be more confident on stage and 2) Not to shake and tremble like I did a month prior. With the help of my posing coach and hours of practice, my posing and stage presence had improved tremendously. And yesterday morning after pre-judging I walked off stage and felt like I had accomplished a major breakthrough. I was confident. I was also calm, cool, and collected and felt like I "belonged" up there. For the first time, outside the wall of the gym and spin room I put my insecurities aside acted like I owned that stage. I didn't care if I placed, much less won. I just wanted to prove to myself and to the head judge that I deserved to be there. I trained myself and worked hard. All ON MY OWN and wanted to shine on stage. Apparently the judges saw that sparkle.

However I wasn't the only one who sparkled.

As I briefly got to know each of the women in my class I learned a lot about inspiration. Especially with the two women on either side of me. One gal was a 54 year old ex body builder who hasn't been on stage in nearly 8 years. She was the only one over 50 in our class and gave us all a run for our money. This was a whole new ball game for her as she had never competed in Figure and she rocked that stage and came in 5th. Kudos to her for having the guts to get up there with some of us who were nearly 10 years her junior!

Then there was #20.... Yesterday was an exceptionally special day for her. Not only did she also placed in the top 5, but yesterday marked to the day of being a brain tumor survivor. When she shared part of her life with me as we were standing back stage I had to hold back the tears. It's women like her who are real the inspirations. We tend to get caught up in the menucia instead of focusing on what's really important in lfe. I'm happy she did so well!

Each of those women were equally as beautiful on the inside and out. And whether they placed or not they each worked their butts off and should be proud. We aint getting any younger! But we can FEEL younger and BE healthy by just putting forth a little effort to live a fit lifestyle.

Am I still on a high? Hell yeah! Am I still in shock? Hell yeah! A win was something that I was not prepared for. Yet I celebrated by having a glass of wine last night with 2 great girls along with a nice Farfalle dish (bowtie pasta, goat cheese, and sausage). This morning - pancakes! (and egg whites - because I felt slightly guilty... ok I have issues). This afternoon - blackened Mahi, brown rice concoction, oysters, spicy black eyed peas, and homemade fudge brownies!

SO Yummy! .... and SO exhausted.

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